How Tide-Eliminator Works

Boat mooring ring accessory tide eliminator

Due to the unique design  of the Tide-Eliminator, it never rides up the piling more than six to twelve inches. The steel loop section will contact the piling and hold at the water level. Yet when there is a sudden gust, the Tide-Eliminator will slide up a short distance only, thus working as a snubber to reduce gust loads.  As soon as the gust subsides, the Tied-Eliminator will drop back to the surface of the water.  And, as the tides rise and fall, the Tide-Eliminator simple rises and falls with the tide.  That way, you set your lines once, centering your boat between port and starboard pilings - and forget it.  No other adjustments will ever be needed.

Tide-Eliminator is superior to other systems that adjust for tidal changes in that it is much simpler, about one third the cost, virtually indestructible, and does not require any permanent attachments making it completely and easily portable to go where your boat goes.  And it works equally well on pilings that have structure attached such as docks, etc. 

portable mooring ring yacht accessory

Tide Eliminator In Action

No need for longer lines with elaborate cross tie techniques, trying to get more leeway for larger tidal changes. 

It doesn’t matter if tidal changes are a few feet, or twenty plus feet, Tide-Eliminator works perfectly with any tidal change.


In the 2011 hurricane, Irene produced an eight foot storm swell on the back side of the hurricane as it crossed Abaco, Bahamas.  One boat was swamped in Treasure Cay as his lines were cross tied in a typical fashion.  When the surge came in, the boat rose until the lines were tight, and from there the surge washed over the sides and swamped the boat causing thousands of dollars of damage.  Had he been using the Tide-Eliminator, there would have been no problems; the boat would have simply rose with the surge and gone back down with it as the Tide-Eliminator rose and fell with the surge.

Watch it in action!