Bluff House Testimonial


Tide-Eliminator has changed the way I moor my boat .  It's simple and quick to install. I  slipped the float ties over the pole mooring and they slid down to float at water level, rising and falling with the tide.


A stainless ring with bullet proof rollers makes  this basically  a "no maintenance deal"  My own personal touch, was to I eye splice a stainless carabineer to one end of the dock lines and snap them on the Tide-Eliminator eye.

I put another eye splice in the bitter end then leave the line hanging on a cleat . When I tie up,  I grab the line and slip the eye over my boat cleat   No adjustment and fussing with lines. As the tide rises and falls every thing stays taught and neat. It's a real no brainier !! Why didn't I think of that!!